How to Find the Correct Word for Entertainment


When it comes to English, we are spoilt for choice. You can look up any word and get the meaning in a matter of seconds using the Cobuild dictionary. It contains thousands of entries and is part of the Collins Lexibase and Reverso dictionaries. To learn the correct usage of the word, we have provided some information below:

English Cobuild dictionary

If you want to learn the English language, you should consider buying the English Cobuild dictionary. This dictionary includes a CD-ROM and features all the features you need to learn the language, including the definition of words and examples of sentences. The dictionary uses a corpus, or an extensive compilation of words that have been used in real-life conversations and British and American media. It is designed to teach you how to use these words and phrases correctly.


To find the correct word for entertainment, you must first know its definition. Its synonyms include celebration, gaiety, party, picnic, and satisfaction. Other words that are synonyms of entertainment include sport, pleasure, and pastime. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has 11 synonyms for entertainment. These words are closely related to one another. Therefore, when you search for synonyms of entertainment, you will get a comprehensive list of possible terms that mean the same thing.


Entertainment translations require more than just linguistic expertise. They must convey the original meaning and emotion, while also maintaining the authenticity of the product. To deliver the best results, a translation professional must be versatile, knowledgeable about the industry, and dedicated to delivering the highest quality possible. Here are some tips for producing perfect translations for entertainment. The first step is to understand the genre of the work you are translating. For example, a movie based in Japan will need to be translated into Japanese.


The word entertainment has several different meanings, and many people will often use it to refer to a variety of different activities. The definition of entertainment is broad enough to include anything from a clown at a birthday party to a Broadway play, a stadium rock concert, and even a friendly brawl over a bag of potato chips. The word “entertainment” is derived from the Old French word entretenir, meaning to hold together. This definition reflected that the word also had a positive connotation, as it was associated with hospitality and keeping guests happy. Therefore, it became a synonym for “amuse,” and today, the word has become a widely used term to describe a wide variety of different types of entertainment.


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